Blogging delivers a drip-feed of leads…

For 4.5 years I blogged monthly.

18-months ago I upped that commitment to weekly.

So what has it done for my business?

  • It’s given me a platform to ‘sell’ myself without ever selling.
  • It’s grown my network and created a ‘tribe’ of followers who help refer me into their network.
  • It’s scaled my business and doubled my average monthly revenue.

And it’s not just me…

One of my clients averaged +175% more views per month to their website within the first 3-months of blogging weekly.

Download ‘3 months to +175% more views’

Keeping that momentum going it tough…

When you need to create so much new content it can seem overwhelming – just what are you going to write about every week?!

Think about:

  • Re-spinning guides, white papers and webinars.
  • Repurposing internal documentation, like proposals.
  • Creating a set of real FAQs.
  • Interviewing your team, customers and partners.

And then download my lovely cheat sheet for more ideas.

Download ‘blogging cheat sheet’

You could always get some help…

There’s a reason people train to be the best at something. So if writing’s not your thing, find yourself a copywriter who loves nothing better than to play with your words all day.

Meet Dee Primett

Dee is one of my favourite copywriters in all the world. She’s been creating website content, blog posts, social media stories, marketing materials and so much more since 2015.

Read her interview and say hello!

So much to say, so little time…

I love blogging and would be more than happy to talk about it all day. But my little man turns 4 today and it’s time I lit the birthday candles on his cake!

So for now I will leave you with 78-pages filled with hints, tips, tricks and ideas for how to get your blog content harder for you, so you can generate a drip feed of leads for your business.

Download ‘The Little Book of…B2B Blogging’

(physical copies are also available for FREE if you prefer to scribble in the margins, highlight sections and stick in a load of post-it notes!)

Good luck!!

As always, my inbox is open if you have any questions or need a second pair of eyes before you click that scary ‘publish’ button.



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