Technically every piece of content you create should demonstrate some thought leadership for it to be interesting, useful and relevant to your audience. But here I’m focusing on the rich content, like:

  • LinkedIn articles to showcase your subject matter experts and tap into their networks.
  • Reports on research you’ve performed.
  • Practical guides on how to overcome a particular problem, or take advantage of a new opportunity.
  • White papers that perform a deep dive on a specific subject.
  • Ebooks that provide an all-round view on a topic.

In short, thought leadership content is the meatier stuff that explores a particular subject in more detail and seeks to educate your audience about something. Where blogs simply share an opinion, thought leadership content backs that opinion up with in-depth commentary.

And the real bonus…

It’s a great way of re-spinning your current efforts to provide additional value to your audience — for example, sharing a write-up following a webinar or customer roundtable event.

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Outsource the task of creating your thought leadership

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What my clients say…

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The process

The process will differ depending on the type of thought leadership content you want creating. For example, it could involve:

  • Interviewing your subject matter expert(s).
  • Joining, or listening to a recording, of your webinar/event.
  • Analysing primary research you’ve commissioned.
  • Reading through your existing content and performing my own desk research.

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Typically once we’ve got the briefing done, I’ll produce a skeleton for you to review and provide feedback on. Once you’re happy with this, I’ll create the first draft, ready for review.

Sounding good?

A parting gift…

If I’m not the right copywriter for you, that’s ok. But please have some ideas on me for how to create some rich, valuable thought leadership content that delivers the results you deserve:

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