Did you know you can use blogs to:

  • Interview your team, partners or authority figures in your industry.
  • Tactically boost your SEO.
  • Provide commentary on the latest trends.
  • Re-spin larger assets, like white papers, to generate more quality content.
  • Share mini case studies and use cases.
  • Create an FAQ people actually want to read.
  • Give practical guidance on how to overcome a challenge.

I love blogging because it’s so versatile and can take many forms, as well as allowing you to break down existing content into new formats and broaden your campaigns.

And the real bonus…

You can repurpose all that rich internal documentation (like proposals, statement of works and project completion reports) into something more promotional — sharing the deeper insights from your subject matter experts, which your audience will find really valuable.

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Outsource the task of updating your blog

Sign up to Package A for just £720 per month and I’ll take on the responsibility for maintaining your blog with new, interesting and engaging content on a weekly basis.

What my clients say…

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The process

It’s always good to have a plan — but that plan can’t be set in stone, because things change and we need to be able to take advantage of new opportunities.

Together we’ll plan on a quarterly basis, considering what’s topical in the market, what products/services the business is looking to push and what your audience is interested in.

I’ll come up with some suggested blog titles and then get your feedback on what to plan in and prioritise.

Each month we’ll revisit the plan, confirming what blogs need creating — including adding any new ideas that may have emerged.

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Sounding good?

A parting gift…

When done right, blogging can achieve great things for your business. If I’m not the right copywriter for you, that’s ok. But please have some ideas on me for how to give your blog a boost so it delivers the results you deserve:

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