It’s tough…

Those tried and tested tricks don’t always work the same when your audience is working from home.

My ‘go to’ has always been a quirky DM sent in a shiny purple envelope. But to send that to someone’s home address is just creepy.

So I’ve gone back to the drawing board to generate some new ideas for reaching new leads in a remote world:

Asset 1: Dinky document – lead generation ideas

But ideas alone aren’t enough…

We need a plan!

We need themes and tactics, assets and nurture flows, messaging and metrics. Our campaign needs to pull our best ideas into a framework that supports the wider marketing strategy – and ultimately helps the business achieve its goals:

Asset 2: Dinky document – marketing plan template

You are not alone…

I am here with you – and so are my fabulous freelance friends:

Kat Dooney is a social media consultant with an impressive background in the world of corporate comms. She’ll get your social media delivering the results your business deserves.

Asset 3: Say hello to Kat

Dave Smyth is a web designer and developer and is THE guy to go to if you want a distinctive website that perfectly reflects your business and gives you something to be proud of.

Asset 4: Say hello to Dave

We’re not done quite yet…

Ensuring you have every angle covered – from target audience to brand, channels, content creation and how to extend your reach – you’ll want look seriously impressive presenting your master plan for world domination!

If you want to look amazing and really demonstrate the value you add, you’ll need a little extra sparkle, you’ll need:
Asset 5: The ultimate guide to content creation


I need to give a HUGE shout out to my partner in crime, Sophie Cross, who co-authored this guide with me.

Good luck!

Lead generation should be fun, so let your creativity shine and remember that my inbox is always open if you have any questions or need some help.

Thanks Alice

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