Just go for it!

Awards are wonderful things. They give your brand kudos with their third-party recognition, and it’s the perfect way to reward your internal team for all their hard work.

If you’re writing a submission, my top tips would be:

  • Don’t assume the judge knows anything about you, your customers, your products/services or your sector – always start by setting the context.
  • Answer the questions, seems obvious but it’s easy to get side-tracked and go off on a tangent.
  • Stick to the word count – because you will be penalised for going over.
  • Include lots of lovely statistics, and put them in context. For example, saying ‘we increased sales by 10%‘ is pretty meaningless until you say, ‘we increased sales by 10%, from £5m to £5.5m in 3 months‘.
  • But make sure your statistics relate back to what you said you set out to do. For example, if I said my objective was to write a blog that was read by 1m people, and in the results I claim I had 100 five star customer reviews because of my blogs, the two don’t match up.
  • Include at least one customer testimonial – they’ll question why you don’t have one otherwise, and it can demonstrate some of the softer benefits you offer.

I wrote a blog about writing award submissions after I attended the CMA masterclass last year, which you can read here:

What happens next?

Hopefully it’s time to celebrate!

Award ceremonies are a wonderful excuse to mix a bit of corporate hospitality with team building. Inviting your customers and your employees to share the experience is a great way to strengthen that relationship.

A lot of the time, award submissions ask you to include real-life examples of your work in action. Inviting the clients whose stories you have included is a lovely way to say thank you.

And as well as rewarding the immediate team that helped to deliver the project, award ceremonies are also an amazing opportunity to thank your back office functions (e.g. finance, HR, admin) – the ‘unsung heroes’ who have a big impact on your business, but rarely get to spend time interacting directly with customers.

Good luck!