Writing is always about more than the actual words you’re using. If you want your content to really resonate with your audience, you’re going to need to employ some copywriting technique.

Here are 3 simple ideas to get you stated…

1. One-word sentences are impactful

The same goes for one-word paragraphs. Rather than writing in whole sentences, dropping the occasional word-long piece will impact the flow and keep it interesting.


You’re writing a blog. The sole purpose of that first sentence is to make the audience want to read the second sentence, because then you’ve hooked them in. So keep it simple and start with a single power word – and that power word could be absolutely anything, as long as it’s enough to intrigue your audience to read on.

Also, think about inserting a one-word sentence within a paragraph, because it changes the flow of the piece. How? Because it’s enough to jolt the reader. Just as they’re getting into the flow of you’re writing – boom! – you change the tempo, which is enough to wake them up and fully engage with your writing again.

And the one -word paragraph?


It works on the same principle as the one-word sentence. I find the one-word paragraph works best when posed as a question. Try using Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

2. Ask questions

If you were having a conversation, you wouldn’t just talk at someone, would you? No. We naturally ask questions to find out more or show we’re interested in what someone has to say.

Writing is the same – particularly if you’ve adopted a more conversational tone of voice.

“How do you take your tea?”

Even if you didn’t answer that question out loud, mentally you can’t help but think about the answer (milk and no sugar!). And that’s because we’re programmed to answer questions. Using this technique within your writing is really going to hook your audience in and keep them interested in what you have to say.

3. Share examples

Theory is all well and good, but how does it work in practice?

Sharing examples – whether anecdotally or more formal case studies – helps to make your words meaningful because your audience can visualise what you’re saying.

For example…

I could just tell you that blogging every week is good for your lead generation.

I could go one step further and tell you what the research says – ‘companies that publish weekly blogs are nearly 2.5x more likely to report ‘strong results’ than those who publish monthly or less.

Or I could share how Atech Support averaged +175% more views per month after it started publishing blogs weekly, which created a steady drip feed of leads.

Which is more compelling?

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