Copywriting is about more than words…

It’s about the techniques and principles that bring your words to life – like the structure, storytelling and behavioural science. And then all the little quirks you inject to make that copy uniquely yours.

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Take your skills to the next level…

If I’m not writing client copy, I’m reading about copy, learning about copy, studying other people’s copy, and testing the ‘lessons learned’ through the content I write for my own business.

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Creative copy is a core component of content strategy…

But what exactly should you include in that strategy? And how should your copy change for each channel? Take a whistle-stop tour and learn about everything from blogging, PPC and PR to white papers, case studies and award submissions.

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Being a copywriter while running a business is tough. Thankfully I have a little help from my friends. Martin and Taylor both specialise in supporting entrepreneurs and growing businesses to make sure you read their interviews and get in touch to get your 2021 off to a great start:

Meet Martin Brooks

Martin runs Gold Stag Accounts, an accountancy practice that specialises in small business accounts to keep sole traders and limited companies on the right side of the taxman.

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Meet Taylor Beavis

Taylor runs Universe Financial Advice, a company that’s intent on untangling the confusing world of financial protection and investment to help people get the best out of their money.

Say hello to Taylor…

Good luck!!

I feel like I’m on a mission to rid the world of fluffy copy, which is why I spend so much tome sharing everything I know through the blog, little books and new ‘dinky docs’ and templates on my website.

But if you want to talk about the joys of copywriting, fancy some bonus tips (because who doesn’t live a bonus?!) or need a second pair of eyes – my inbox is always open.