In the UK, our professional body is called ProCopywriters, and every year it researches, compiles and publishes what the market looks like – including rates.

In 2019, the average day rate was £349.

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What does it cost?

If you choose to work with me, I offer two packages:

Package A: blogging retainer

Having worked in agencies, and hired them myself, I’m not a big fan of retainers. The main reason is they’re a bit fluffy and you always end up questioning whether you’ve got real value for money.


Blogging is something that needs to be done regularly if it’s to deliver value to your business. And that means you need to commit and invest in it.

I’ve crafted a blogging retainer that’s really clear in terms of expectations and deliverables all for a flat monthly fee of £666:

  • Briefing.
  • Quarterly content plan.
  • Trello board to manage content.
  • Weekly blogs (4-5 per month) with content delivered together for review.
  • 1x round of revisions. 
  • 1-month’s notice required to terminate contract.
  • 10% discount (normally £740 before discount applied).

Package H: block-booking

Content in isolation doesn’t deliver the same value it would when used as part of a wider campaign. 

Think about it…

A case study


A series of emails that drive traffic to a series of blog posts, which drive traffic towards that case study, and ultimately convert by getting people to sign up to something at the end.

That’s why, rather than offer a bog-standard rate card, I encourage clients to think of the wider campaign that delivers a greater return. 

Either you can define that campaign, or I’m happy to work with you to plan out what the different elements look like, how they fit together and ultimately how much time that will take me to write the copy. Prices for block booking start at £972 for 3 days and include:

  • Briefing.
  • 1x round of revisions.
  • 10% discount (normally £1,080 before discount applied).

How does it work?

When you choose to work with me, we’ll have an initial call/meeting to discuss the project. During this time, I’ll ask you lots of questions (sent to you in advance of the meeting) to start gathering the briefing information I need to get started.

You can send me any other information or documents you think might be useful, and I’ll perform some of my own market research. If I need to speak with subject matter experts in your business, we can arrange a convenient time for me to do this.

I’ll then write the first draft of the copy; typically, I turn copy around within the week and send it to you for review, but if you’re working to a specific deadline please let me know.

Once I’ve received your feedback, I’ll incorporate it into v2 and send a final copy to you. 


Ready to get started?

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash