I don’t religiously follow specific blogs because I don’t want to narrow my field of vision and miss amazing content that’s being produced and shared within our community. But, there are certain people within the community doing wonderful things to support freelancers and promote best-practice around copywriting and content marketing…


What started as a simple Tweet by Ed Callow has quickly turned into a dedicated community of incredible writers. Follow #Write52 for original content that’s produced and shared every week both on Twitter, and through Ed’s weekly email newsletter.

Creative Rehab

The genius child of Jake KeaneCreative Rehab is an outlet for frustrated creatives everywhere who have nowhere else to publish their random ramblings. The monthly magazine with accompanying podcast features some incredible contributions from the industry’s finest.


If you’re a copywriter you’ll be familiar with the wonders of ProCopywriters. From its webinars to yearly CopyCon event, insightful blog and upcoming book, there’s plenty to learn from the copywriting community to brush up your skills.

All Good Copy

I love Glenn Fisher because he’s taught me so much about copywriting technique with All Good CopyFrom his blogs and newsletters, to the podcast, his book and standing front and centre on the mainstage of #CopyCon19, he freely shares the insight and experience he’s gained from a successful career in copywriting.

Rock Rose Digital

This was such a treat when it first landed in my inbox. I’ve followed Jen Eastwood for a while on Twitter and loved the content she shared. And then she’s launched a newsletter through Rock Rose Digital, which is amazing beyond words. Full of tips, tricks and monthly content calendars, it’s something to look forward to.

Adam Pearson 

Adam is IPSE’s ‘new to freelancing’ winner. He lurks in the realm of research, but I think he’d be better suited to joining us on the dark side of copywriting, because he has such a wonderful way with words. His newsletter is full of interesting and inspiring content.

Being Freelance

Being Freelance is a wonderfully supportive community of freelancers across all creative disciplines. Its leader, Steve Folland, indulges us with a Facebook group for open discussion and support, weekly podcast, live Q&A sessions, regular vlog, and highlights other’s achievements through the weekly ‘non-employee of the week awards’.

Jot Jot Boom

Emma Cownley is my hero. Again, I’ve followed her on Twitter for ages, and yet somehow only recently discovered the amazingness of her bi-weekly videos through Jot Jot Boom. Sharing all sorts of amazing freelance insight, she lays bare the reality of life as a company of one, and gives you the confidence to say “I can f*cking do this!”

Work Notes

Dave Smyth is another freelancer who shares his valuable knowledge far and wide. A web designer by trade, Dave has created a wonderful hub of information that every freelancer needs to know under Work Notes – from money to contracts, clients and well-being, Dave’s got you covered. 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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