While I do indulge in some social media platforms to promote my business and to help with my continuous professional development, it’s not a service I actively promote.

Social media is such a specialist area. And within social media, you’re unlikely to find someone who’s proficient across all platforms – everyone is going to specialise in something.

If you’re thinking about social media for your business, my advice would be to:

  1. Identify what it is that you need social media to deliver to your business
  2. Identify what social platforms your customers are present on
  3. Ensure you can dedicate enough time and effort to be present on those platforms

Engaging your customers/prospects on social media is a wonderful thing – connecting in this way always makes you feel like you’re forming a relationship on a deeper level. For this reason, I’m a big advocate that your content should really come from you – afterall, it’s you that your customers/prospects are trying to get to know.


I know some wonderful freelancers that specialise in the realm of social. They’re up-to-date on all the latest developments, able to advise on how to best engage on each platform, as well as assist with the administration.

For starters, I’d advise following these amazing professionals on Twitter: Kat Dooney, Jen Eastwood and Pippa Akram. All are incredibly generous with their tips, tricks and advice.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash