The majority of transformation projects fail – but not yours.

To further your mission to end failed change, you need to cut through the noise and demonstrate why organisations need to approach change in a new way – which in turn will clearly differentiate your brand from the ‘big 4’ (and the small cowboys!).

I can help you, just like I’ve helped these consultancies:

It’s not just about what you say…

Consultancies who claim to be a “trusted partner” offering “first-class services” and “solutions” aren’t going to achieve the same conversions as those who approach their content in a new way:

🧁It’s never about you: when you read your copy back every sentence that includes ‘I’, ‘our’, ‘we’ is not talking to your audience. Switch to use ‘you’ or ‘your’, and now you’re speaking their language.

🧁Teach, don’t sell: with every sentence ask yourself ‘so what?’. If you’re simply making claims about what you’ve done, or the credentials you possess, you’re not delivering any value to your customer. Think – what does that experience means for your customers?

🧁Share practical advice: don’t just talk around the subject, share practical advice with simple actions your audience feels able to do themselves today.

Transform your content

If you’re looking for pithy, straight to the point copy then look no further!

Amazed at how she can take my ramblings and make them into coherent pieces.

Always exceeds the brief.”

As a B2B copywriter I’ve written for 180+ tech companies and accumulated a wealth of experience in cloud, data & analytics and cybersecurity, – which means I know how to translate the complexities of what you do and why you do it, into messages that resonate with your audience(s).

Ask me about:

🧁Executive ghostwriting
🧁Case studies
🧁White papers

Why outsource to a freelance B2B copywriter?

Because this is what I do. Writing is all I’ve ever done and it’s the one thing I’m really good at. Outsource your content to me and I will:

🧁Extract the skills, knowledge, and experience of your subject matter experts and transform it into thought leadership content.
🧁Repurpose existing assets – like events, case studies, and blogs – to extend the life of your campaigns.
🧁Create content that converts your audience by compelling them to take action because they understand the value you deliver.

Want to see some examples?

A lot of my work is under NDA (non-disclosure agreement), which means I’m not allowed to talk about it. However, I do have a few examples that I can share privately. If you’d like to see them, email: