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If you can read, you can do anything.

In essence the ability to read is what unlocks a world of opportunity. Frankly, the thought of not being able to read is my worst nightmare. And yet for many adults, it is their reality. This narrative needs to stop.

When it comes to reading, my sons’ school is absolutely on it. It’s the one priority they push more than any other because they understand how important it is to their students’ futures.

One initiative the school created is ‘The Reading Café’. Every week they transform a classroom into a café, with teas and coffees for the parents, and juices and biscuits for the kids. Then all the children settle down for a story from the teacher, before having the opportunity to explore a plethora of books and magazines for themselves. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Offering to sponsor the Café, my hope is that we can continue to ignite the children’s imagination through new initiatives that encourage their love of reading.

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The answer to everything is cake!

I admit it, this next commitment is slightly selfish. I love being a writer, but I also love baking, which is why I always bring freshly baked treats to every meeting – it’s my cupcake promise!

I heard about a not-for-profit organisation called ‘Free Cakes For Kids’.

Can you imagine your child not receiving a cake on their birthday? No song, no candles, no birthday wish…

It’s unthinkable, but again, it’s the reality for many children. For some parents, birthday cake proves to be ‘the final straw’. Already under the pressure and stress of coping with their daily struggles, the need to bake (or forgetting to bake) a cake breaks them. I jokingly say:

In reality, it’s unlikely to solve everything, but in this scenario it can help. So I volunteer to make birthday cakes. I figure it’s a win-win all round – the parents have their cake, the children have their candles and birthday wish, I get to spend time in the kitchen baking, and my boys learn about other children and don’t take what they have for granted.

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