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More than words®

In 2020 I launched my brand — More than words® — to better encapsulate the value you get when you choose me as your copywriter:

…because copywriting is more than writing. It’s the techniques and principles that bring words to life, such as structure, storytelling and behavioural science.

…because I’m more than a copywriter. I spent 9 years working as a B2B marketer for small IT and tech companies so I know how copy sits in the content engine, which powers the marketing machine.

…because I’m more than a freelancer. You might engage me to write copy, but I’ve sat on two senior leadership teams and have experience of being part of board-level discussions and decisions.

…because I’m more than Alice Hollis Ltd. I’m a mummy and a wife, and I appreciate the finer things in life like gin and sparkly shoes, so I want to get to know you and what makes you tick.

…because I’m about more than the work. I’m passionate about writing, but I also love baking, which is why I always bring freshly baked treats to every meeting – it’s my cupcake promise!

…because life’s about more than money. I love what I do and I want the next generation of writers to be inspired to create wonderful words, which is why I sponsor the local school’s Reading Café.

B2B copywriter for agencies who work with SaaS/tech clients that support digital transformation.