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5 ways content aligns sales and marketing functions

Marketing is responsible for building the pipeline, which sales then convert and close. And yet so often sales is out on its own trying to win the big deals, leaving marketing to sit indulging in ‘fluffy’ things.

When sales and marketing aren’t in alignment, it puts the business at a serious disadvantage:

  • The sales team lacks the pipeline it desperately needs to go after.
  • The business lacks the feedback mechanism to know what the market is after and therefore how to position your product/service.
  • And considering that just 1 in 10 companies is prepared to sit face-to-face with a member of your sales team, you need another way to talk to your audience.
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Content marketing 101

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a new prospect. He was really keen to start using content to promote his business and start generating some leads for his pipeline. The conversation was great because he shared my passion for content marketing…

Or so I thought. Things quickly started to unravel when I realised that what he thought of as ‘content marketing’ was vastly different to my understanding, because he ended up choosing to work with a telesales agency.

It reminded me of another opportunity I’d won last year – even though my client and I were using the same words in conversation, what we meant by ‘blog’, ‘article’, ‘case study’, ‘thought leadership’ was wildly different.

The failure is completely mine. Rather than assume we were speaking the same language, I should have ensured that each conversation started with us both being on the same page. Therefore, I thought I would share a whistle stop tour of the wonderful world of content marketing…

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