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The evolution of small business marketing

I am not a marketing expert, guru, superhero – or other nonsense word you see batted around the industry. I’m someone who spent years studying small businesses and marketing. I’m someone that has carved a career in the world of marketing for small IT and tech companies. I’m someone that has been afforded the freedom to try and test different marketing tactics at will and determine the best way to help each company transition from startup to small business.

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Where does thought leadership content fit into the sales cycle?

Your sales strategy will comprise 2 things:

  1. The ‘low hanging fruit’, ‘quick wins’ or other jargony phrase that means sales today.
  2. The long game, aka establishing the mechanisms that deliver a steady drip feed of leads that sustain your business for tomorrow.

Thought leadership content falls into the latter category because it should form part of a broader campaign that builds momentum around a particular topic/trend/idea/product/service.

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More than words®: behind the brand

Towards the end of last year, I started to reflect on my business and question whether I was presenting it in the best way possible.

A few months earlier I’d encountered a couple of opportunities to team up with fellow copywriters and marketers and unite under a shared brand to effectively build an agency. For various reasons, the opportunities weren’t right, but it did leave me pondering what more Alice Hollis Ltd. could be.

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Why is thought leadership content important?

It creates a strong brand

Nearly half (46%) of business owners have invested in publishing books or thought leadership content. That’s because it’s great for building a strong brand since it demonstrates that you have something of value to share with your audience, whether exploring new ideas/trends, sharing best practice or attempting to challenge the status quo with new thinking.

Thought leadership helps you to communicate more clearly, challenges the way your customers think, and uses research, data and industry insights to back up your position and enforce your credibility.

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