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Say hello to…Martin Brooks, accountant

Whether you’re running a growth business, or a lifestyle business, it’s important that every owner keeps a tight rein on its company finances.

But why would you want the hassle of doing this yourself?

If the looming threat of the taxman isn’t enough to give you sleepless nights, then perhaps the fact that over half (51%) of SMEs think they pay too much in tax[1] might. Or maybe the fact that the admin tasks that sap the most time are tax accounting (19%) and payroll (18%)[2].

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Say hello to…Taylor Beavis, independent financial adviser

Despite 80% of parents believing that a life insurance policy would protect their family, nearly half haven’t yet got one[1]. Can you imagine, the worst thing possible happens and your partner and child(ren) could be kicked out of the family home because they can’t afford to stay without your income.

Then there’s the fact that nearly 42% of people are unhappy with their current financial position[2], which shouldn’t be that surprising when you learn that 46% of all UK adults admit having low knowledge about financial matters[3].

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Say hello to…Sara Donaldson, editor, copywriter and creator of brand books and editorial guides

“Helo! For this months’ newsletter I’ve interviewed to fabulous freelancers.”

First impressions matter. So did you shudder at the missing ‘l’, cringe at the misused apostrophe, or was it the wrong ‘to’ that hit you hardest? What’s your first impression of me? And how does it make you feel about my ability as a copywriter?

Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) is never a ‘nice to have’, it’s essential for you to come across as credible, for your business to maintain its professionalism and for your communications to be clear and free of any misunderstandings.

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Say hello to…Bhavini Lakhani, graphic designer

What makes a brand?

To the uninitiated, it’s ‘just’ a logo – a cute little icon that people associate with your company. But a brand is so much more than that…

A brand encompasses everything about your company. Every time someone encounters your company and your people, they’re forming an opinion about your brand and judging whether they want to engage with you. Therefore, you need to ensure that regardless of whether someone finds you on your website, on social media, in a magazine or in person at an event, they have the same experience.

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Say hello to…Dave Smyth, web designer and developer

Did you know…94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design[1]?

And guess what…

You have precisely 0.05 seconds before your visitor is going to decide whether they like your site or not[2].

Investing in a website is one of the best things you can do for your brand and your pipeline. Three-quarters of us admit to making credibility judgements based on a company’s website design[3]. So ensuring that yours comes across as professional, while showcasing your brand personality, is a sure-fire way of catching your audiences’ attention and hooking them in.

But then what?

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Say hello to…Kat Dooney, social media consultant

Does social media actually generate leads? Or is it the ultimate procrastination tool?!

I’ll be the first to admit that I spend far too much time on Twitter. It’s so easy to emerge myself in that world, lost in a thread, engaged in a weekly Twitter chat or off on a tangent reading someone’s latest post after clicking on a link.

But isn’t that the point of social media?

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Say hello to…Emma Busby, licenced Insights practitioner

Arguably, your people are your biggest asset. Without them, nothing would happen – or it would certainly make your life far busier and more stressful. It’s true that ‘people buy from people’ – your people. And when you’re looking for that elusive ‘USP’, the reality is that the one thing you possess that no-one else does is your people.

You’ve hired some really smart people who are capable of making your vision a reality. But those people need to be happy at work if they’re to perform to the best of their abilities.

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Say hello to…Susanne Wakefield, virtual assistant

Are you busy? I know I am. That’s why I hired Susanne as my VA. At the time I thought it was highly indulgent but now I don’t know how I coped without her.

See, we’re all busy, all of the time. But as Susanne so beautifully explains, just because we’re busy doesn’t mean we’re being productive. And that’s such an important point. As leaders, we’re supposed to set the vision for the company and then employ the right people with the specialist skills to get the job done – just because it’s our company, doesn’t mean we need to do everything (and I say that as a company of 1!).

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