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Be smart with punctuation

True story…

I never enjoyed English at school. In fact, it was one of my least favourite subjects – right behind geography (which I was advised not to continue at GCSE-level) and history (which baffled me with its left wing / right wing, remember 101 different political leaders and their hugely complex manifestos).

And it didn’t help that my teacher was less than encouraging.

Sure, she adored my best friend, who was that annoyingly gifted child who ‘got’ everything and never had to try in order to achieve straight A* grades. But me – a straight B student, who literally put blood, sweat and tears into every single assignment and examination – she just wasn’t bothered.

And the nail in the coffin…

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What are the main steps involved in the process of building a content strategy for your blog?

Step 1: define its purpose

Before you start building a content strategy for you blog, you need to determine its purpose – what do you need it to achieve?

For example: within my business, I want to be able to demonstrate that I have ‘skin in the game’, that I’m not just telling people to blog and blog regularly, but that I actually do it too. I also want to be able show I’m a credible copywriter and that I can actually do what I say I can do. And to prove my worth.

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Ideas for repurposing blog content

Repurposing blog content is one of the most valuable marketing tactics at your disposal. As well as being an effective way of generating inbound leads, it gives you the ability to personalise your content and the freedom to write on a multitude of subjects from various angles.

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5 blog SEO basics

Boosting your blog SEO is essential to increase your online presence. Now, I am not an SEO specialist – if you want one of those, I know some far more qualified people and am more than happy to make introductions. But the following are some simple, non-techie tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way that can help give your content a little bit of a boost online…

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