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5 ways content aligns sales and marketing functions

Marketing is responsible for building the pipeline, which sales then convert and close. And yet so often sales is out on its own trying to win the big deals, leaving marketing to sit indulging in ‘fluffy’ things.

When sales and marketing aren’t in alignment, it puts the business at a serious disadvantage:

  • The sales team lacks the pipeline it desperately needs to go after.
  • The business lacks the feedback mechanism to know what the market is after and therefore how to position your product/service.
  • And considering that just 1 in 10 companies is prepared to sit face-to-face with a member of your sales team, you need another way to talk to your audience.
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Respinning, repurposing, reforming and republishing content

So what’s the difference? In essence we’re looking at taking existing content and turning it into something different to give it a new lease of life. And while respinning, repurposing, reforming, republishing content may all sound like the same thing, there are subtle differences that when employed correctly can have a big impact on your marketing efforts.

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3 things home schooling taught me about content

Like most parents, I’ve experienced the joy of home schooling this year. And when I say ‘joy’ I really do mean ‘joy’. I’ll admit, when I first learned that I would be extending my professional remit to include the role of teacher, it was overwhelming and the panic set in a bit…

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When it comes to content, what’s the difference between ‘solutions’ and ‘requirements’?

Absolutely nothing – they’re both completely meaningless words and yet I see countless IT and tech companies, intent on stuffing them into their copy at every opportune moment.

I remember being at university, sat in the dimly lit lecture theatre as my tutor delivered a class on strategic marketing management. He shared this little nugget with us:

“You should use the word ‘solution’ whenever you can because it can mean anything.”

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Should I update my existing blogs?

To update? Or not to update? It’s a tricky one…

Depending on the subject matter and when you published it, the blog could be very out-of-date, which isn’t delivering value to your audience. However, that blog is still working very hard in terms of SEO, helping you to be found online.

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Be smart with punctuation

True story…

I never enjoyed English at school. In fact, it was one of my least favourite subjects – right behind geography (which I was advised not to continue at GCSE-level) and history (which baffled me with its left wing / right wing, remember 101 different political leaders and their hugely complex manifestos).

And it didn’t help that my teacher was less than encouraging.

Sure, she adored my best friend, who was that annoyingly gifted child who ‘got’ everything and never had to try in order to achieve straight A* grades. But me – a straight B student, who literally put blood, sweat and tears into every single assignment and examination – she just wasn’t bothered.

And the nail in the coffin…

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What are the main steps involved in the process of building a content strategy for your blog?

Step 1: define its purpose

Before you start building a content strategy for you blog, you need to determine its purpose – what do you need it to achieve?

For example: within my business, I want to be able to demonstrate that I have ‘skin in the game’, that I’m not just telling people to blog and blog regularly, but that I actually do it too. I also want to be able show I’m a credible copywriter and that I can actually do what I say I can do. And to prove my worth.

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