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Award submissions sound interesting – why would you recommend we use them?

I LOVE award submissions! Here’s why…

Award submissions tell your story. They provide a window into the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that people don’t usually get to see in your promotional marketing efforts. And they can showcase those ‘unsung’ heroes within the organisation – because let’s face it, there’s always more than one person involved in securing, delivering and managing that client project.

A lot of people see awards as a great way to boost their credentials; to say ‘we’re an award-winning company’ obviously sounds a lot grander than ‘we’re a company’.


There are so many awards around nowadays. So if you’re looking to enter awards purely for the kudos it gives your brand, or to use it as a differentiator, pick the ones that are most credible within your industry.

But I love awards for the recognition it gives your team internally. For a third-party to say they did an amazing job is a huge boost for team morale. And having the opportunity to celebrate that with your clients, and know how well/hard you all worked together to deliver such an impressive outcome, is just priceless.

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Do people really read case studies?


Case studies are one of the most powerful pieces of content you can produce because they’re a third-party endorsement. So instead of saying “Look at us, aren’t we so great!”, it’s one of your customers saying “Company ABC did this for us and it had XYZ impact.”

Case studies are wonderful because they put your service into context, showing the real benefits people experience as a result of using you.

In storytelling technique, it’s known as the relatable middle ground – where your prospect can look at your client and think ‘they’re just like me – and if Company ABC helped them, they can help me too’.


A case study needs to be written well – otherwise no, it won’t be read.

Case studies don’t need to be mammoth documents; I’ve written many case studies that are no longer than 500 words and have been really effective at producing results.

And even if you choose to write a much longer piece, it’s best-practice to include a catchy title and a 150-word summary upfront so that if the reader only reads one thing, they’ve taken in the key points.

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How do we ensure all our content is aligned?

How does the phrase go…

‘proper planning prevents p*ss poor performance’

That’s right, it’s all about PLANNING. Content should never be produced for content’s sake – if you do that, it’s just noise and it’s never going to deliver any value to your business. But when it’s designed to fulfil a specific purpose, that’s when the magic happens!

Every piece of content is designed for a specific purpose. By creating a central ‘high-value’ piece – such as a white paper, case study or guide – you can then re-spin and repurpose it in different ways. For example, breaking it down into a series of related blogs and then creating a series of emails to send to your customers that drive traffic to those assets.

By re-spinning and repurposing content, you ensure the messaging and the positioning is consistent, which aligns your content, and ultimately strengthens your brand.

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I need some ideas for blogs!

Then look no further! The below ‘cheat sheet’ is full of ideas to give you inspiration…

Controversial posts: perfect for establishing yourself as a thought leader.

e.g. X things the ‘experts’ don’t tell you about_____

Guides or ‘ultimate’ posts: perfect for establishing expertise in your topic.

e.g. The best practice guide to_____

Mistakes: perfect for getting your readers to sit up and take notice.

e.g. X reasons your_____will fail

Trends: perfect for establishing authority.

e.g. x predictions for_____

Curated content / roundup posts: perfect for raising awareness.

e.g. X top blog posts about_____

Case studies: perfect for creating desire for your call-to-action.

e.g. How_____helped Company ABC to_____

Useful tools: perfect for building trust.

e.g. X time saving services for_____

Questions: perfect for raising interest in the topic.

e.g. Is marketing (or a lack of it!) holding your business back?

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