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Should I update my existing blogs?

To update? Or not to update? It’s a tricky one…

Depending on the subject matter and when you published it, the blog could be very out-of-date, which isn’t delivering value to your audience. However, that blog is still working very hard in terms of SEO, helping you to be found online.

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What’s your story?

After 14 years of B2B marketing within the world of IT and tech, I’m finally very happy and content fulfilling my passion in life – copywriting.

Since studying my A Levels, I’ve always been fascinated with business, specifically how to set up and grow a business. After having my first son back in 2014, I decided there was no better time to set up my own company in order to achieve the perfect balance of time to be a mummy, and time to focus on a work I adore.

But I’ve skipped a few years there…

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What makes a good subject matter expert?

When I started my career, I’d never heard the term ‘subject matter expert’ before. I guess it’s one of those lovely business jargon phrases that means everything and nothing.

And then working for a marketing communications agency I was suddenly exposed to plethora of specialists who had crazy in-depth knowledge in a particular area…

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