Once upon a time I worked in an agency where securing retainers was the order of the day. Turning freelance I thought this was what I was supposed to do.

I was wrong.

The reality is that retainers are rubbish:

  • They make you feel like you’re locked into a long-term agreement that you’re not sure whether you want/need.
  • You become worried that you won’t have enough work to give me, which means you’ll end up paying me to do nothing (which believe me, feels rubbish so I definitely don’t want to do that).
  • And the emphasis is on you to feed me work, which means you’ll end up throwing me random bits and pieces (again, not fun).

And all of this makes them really hard for me to sell, which if I want to make my business sustainable with regular income, I need to do.

So what I now offer is…


Block-booking is similar to a retainer, in that you ‘retain’ some hours with me.


  • The commitment only lasts as long as the project.
  • There is a project that either you, or we have scoped, so we both know exactly what needs doing, and by when.
  • And now everything is properly planned – every piece of content has a purpose and isn’t being produced for the sake of giving me something to do.

And if the project is running over a number of months, I’m happy to break-down the total cost of the project into regular monthly payments to make budgeting easier for you.

When block-booking my time, all I ask is that you book at least three days.

In return I will:

  • Guarantee you the time in my schedule and prioritise your project.
  • Include all briefing time for free.
  • Offer a 10% discount on the total project cost.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash