A few weeks ago I published some research showing that a quarter of companies haven’t updated their blog this year, and two-thirds are posting without any sort of content strategy.

I get it, I really do. Maintaining a regular flow of blog content is tough. Firstly you have to think about what you’re going to write about. Then you have to find the time to write it. And then you have to publish and promote the thing…

And when you’re busy helping clients, blogging always tends to pushed to one side and forgotten.

Are companies missing an opportunity with blogging?

Blogging isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s a business necessity. When I started my career, marketing was all about email marketing. But while email marketing was important for staying ‘front of mind’ when the customer was ready to buy, companies needed sales today. Apparently the most effective tactic for this was telesales.

Demand generation agencies sprung up like weeds in your patio, all promising to grab the ‘low hanging fruit’ and warming up cold data for longer-term conversations. Some even guaranteed a certain number of meetings booked, although in my experience I never found a single agency to keep that promise.

But let’s be honest for a moment…

Who likes receiving cold calls? In fact, who looks forward to their phone ringing full stop?!

Blogging is a business necessity because it does all the talking for you. Unlike email marketing, it’s not a point in time tactic. And unlike telesales, people will actually come to you to read what you have to say.

People today are looking to educate themselves more before engaging with organisations, which means by the time they make contact, they’re better qualified, further down the sales cycle and wanting to have a different conversation with you.

Blogging delivers better results

If you want your business to thrive long-term, you need to invest your efforts into blogging. Research from Hubspot shows that Marketers who prioritise blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive return on investment, with B2B marketers that use blogs receiving 67% more leads than those that do not.

Unlike other marketing tactics that are time sensitive, your blog is working hard 24/7, delivering greater value over time. It doesn’t matter when people are searching for you because day or night your blogs can be found.

Blogging frequency matters

Creating a successful blog is reliant on you publishing regular content that’s interesting, useful and relevant to your audience. You can’t just post sporadically if/when ideas spring to mind, or you hit a quiet patch and have time to knock a few pieces out. To make your blog into an asset that delivers a regular drip-feed of leads, you need to commit to keeping your content fresh.

Research from Orbit Media Studios, who analysed the results from over 1,000 blogs, showed that companies that publish weekly blogs are nearly 2.5x more likely to report ‘strong results’ than those who publish monthly or less.

And once you hit 400 blogs published, something magical happens…

Your web traffic spikes. Research from Hubspot shows companies that have published 401+ blog posts in total get about twice as much traffic as companies that published 301 – 400 blog posts.

Have you considered outsourcing?

As I said before, when you’re busy helping clients, blogging always tends to pushed to one side and forgotten. So have you considered outsourcing the responsibility to someone who makes it their priority?

As my client, I can give your blog the attention it requires to become a powerful marketing asset, delivering long-term value to your business.

Discover more about my blogging service, working process and rates…

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

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