Blog ghostwriting services are a trick used by sooo many organisations, yet for obvious reasons, it’s rarely talked about.

Your executives, senior leaders, and subject matter experts as some of the most important ‘assets’ your business possesses, because of their skills knowledge and experience. They are your IP. And your audience is looking for their insights to help them to either overcome a problem they face, or to know how to take advantage of an opportunity.

However, these individuals are busy.

Even with the best of intentions, writing a blog will always be pushed down their list of priorities because it’s never going to be as important as strategising, helping customers, supporting deals, or fighting the latest fire.

This is where blog writing services come into play. Hire an executive ghostwriter to interview your executives, senior leaders, and subject matter experts and write a blog on their behalf. It’s their skills, knowledge, and experience on the paper, written in their words and by-lined to them – but it only takes a few minutes of their time.

What the process for my blog ghostwriting services looks like

My aim is to make the process as simple and as stress-free as possible. Typically, we will have discussed a theme beforehand, although I’m more than happy to suggest ideas based on current trends, keywords, or what products/services you’re currently pushing.

Before the briefing call I will share some questions. But the ‘interview’ itself is very relaxed – I find the best calls are those where the person essentially rambles and I might ask a couple of probing questions to dig deeper into a specific point.

During this briefing (which typically lasts 20-30 mins) I take special note of how the person speaks and the particular words and phrases they use when explaining their ideas. This is crucial to capturing their individual tone of voice, so that once published, no one realises they didn’t write the blog.

I’ll go away and perform additional research to ensure any ideas/opinions are backed with independent data to add weight and boost your credibility as a thought leader.

I’ll then shape the information into a skeleton, which I will share with you to check you’re happy before writing v1.

From here, we can go back and forth with feedback – as well as seeking approval from the person the blog will be by-lined to once published.

From the initial briefing to publishing the blog typically takes about a week, depending on how quickly you can get the piece reviewed internally.

What my clients say about my blog ghostwriting services

Using Alice to ghost write the risk management series was incredibly effective. She spent an hour talking to our Service Director, asking the right questions to extract the relevant information, which enabled her to write the entire series. The end result accurately reflected his tone of voice, supported the wider marketing campaign, and came across as highly credible.” – COO and Co-Founder

What my blog ghostwriting services include

As standard my blog ghostwriting services include:

🧁Briefing time

🧁Additional research

🧁Skeleton with accompanying video to talk you through the structure

🧁V1 copy

🧁2x rounds of amends

Talk to me about my blog ghostwriting services

Whether you’re looking for a one-off piece to support a campaign or thinking about scheduling regular ghostwritten blogs for your website, I can create valuable content for your audience based on the insights from your executives, senior leaders, and subject matter experts.