B2B tech copywriting services

Copywriting and content writing services

My prices are based on a day rate of £400 and include:

🧁Briefing time

🧁Additional research

🧁v1 copy

🧁2x rounds of amends

For long-form content, like thought leadership articles, white papers, or case studies, I also include a skeleton with accompanying video for you to review and approve before I start the v1 copy.

b2b tech copywriting services

For a quote, please email: hello@alicehollis.co.uk

List of copywriting services

What it is: when writing content for account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns you can truly personalise your content because you're talking to an audience of one. ABM assets could be specific direct mails, repurposing long-form assets like reports into a tailored summary, or a bespoke digital magazine!

Choose me because: I founded my business in 2015 and it's built on ABM.

What it is: articles are versatile content and serve multiple purposes throughout the sales funnel. For example, to raise awareness of market trends, to explore use cases for your product/service, or showcase your expertise.

Choose me because: articles are my main area of expertise. I write more articles than any other form of content, so have A LOT of knowledge about what does/doesn't help your content to convert.

What it is: I think of award submissions in the same way as case studies because you're telling the story of your amazing-ness - only within tightly defined guidelines and adhering to strict criteria. In fact, it’s my experience of writing awards that's made me a better case study copywriter.

Choose me because: I have experience writing submissions across several awards, which means I know how to pick apart the criteria to determine what the judges are looking for.

What it is: once you've generated a lead, you want to support your business development team to qualify it before it passes to sales. Your battle card provides the 'who, what, when, where, why, how' of your campaigns, as well as sharing important details for conversation starters and handling objections.

Choose me because: as an ex-marketer (and business owner!) I've done my fair share of lead qualification, so know the most important information needed in that moment.

What it is: when you’re head down in other things, lack the time to think through what your audience would find interesting/useful, or (shock horror!) you don’t actually like to write, outsource your ongoing content to me. I’ll create an ideas bank based on SEO analysis, a review of your current content, research 'hot topics' in the media - you can even add your own thoughts. I will draft some titles with a brief synopsis for you to review and decide which to progress.

Choose me because: I wrote the book on B2B blogging (literally! Let me know your address and I’ll happily send you a copy).

What it is: ebooks are a fabulous way to demonstrate your subject matter expertise without investing thousands into writing 'another' business book your audience doesn't have time to read. Use it as a lead generation magnet as gated content, a value-add for sales follow- up, or as a way to 'evidence' your expertise.

Choose me because: I've experimented a lot with this form of content to identify the best structures to use - I've ever written my own series!

What it is: a thought leadership article, ideally placed in key publications your target audience read. Typically, they're 700-1500 words, can't be promotional, but allow you to showcase your subject matter expertise.

Choose me because: I spent 5- years working in a PR and marketing communications agency, where I gained valuable insights into what editors look for in the stories they publish.

What it is: email nurture flows can be used throughout your content marketing strategy. For example, to convert a website visitor into a lead, to encourage sign-ups for a webinar, to promote a new product/service. It's all about building momentum by hitting the audience with the right message at the right time.

Choose me because: I've been crafting email nurture flows for a variety of purposes since 2006!

What it is: content that is born from the same central asset has consistent messaging, positioning, and purpose – and it’s this consistency that will help you to grow a strong brand in your marketplace. Outsource your gated content to me because it's what I specialise in. I'll make it really easy to see how to break your guide/report/white paper down into supporting assets, like blogs, infographics, emails, Social snippets...etc.

Choose me because: whenever I write copy I’m thinking about how it can be repurposed into other assets – as well as looking for opportunities to breathe new life into what you already have.

What it is: distil key messages, stats and facts into a graphical representation. This is high-impact content designed to immediately grab your audience's attention.

Choose me because: I'm skilled at repurposing assets, like white papers, guides and reports into short-form content to support other stages in the sales cycle.

What it is: core pages to host your gated content, like white papers, guides or reports, or encourage sign-ups for your next event or webinar. It’s short, sharp, highly persuasive copy that converts quickly.

Choose me because: 20(ish) years of writing landing pages has taught me a lot about copy that does/doesn't convert.

What it is: arguably the most important content you possess because it's a third-party endorsement from a 'relatable middle ground' (i.e. someone who's been in your audience's position). I have some clients who prefer to retain contact with their customers, and others who invite me to do the initial customer interview. I’m happy either way - and the output remains the same: the perfect testimonial of the value you deliver for your clients told through their words (no bland corporate jargon allowed!).

Choose me because: I have nearly 20 years’ experience writing case studies, so I know what ‘good’ looks like – and more importantly, what your audience wants to read.

What it is: depending on the insights you have to share, and where you intend to use this within your content strategy, it could be a short, sharp piece (like a new year prediction piece), or longer-form content with a little more longevity. Your content could either be based on your company’s experiences, backed by third-party research, or it can incorporate your own data – either market research you've conducted/commissioned, or anonymised data collected by your software.

Choose me because: I’m great at disappearing down a rabbit hole to find the perfect research to back up your opinions.

What it is: the staple of every marketer’s toolkit because sales LOVE to follow up their conversations with a quick overview of what's on offer. Focussing on customer value, your one-pager needs to convey why you're best placed to deliver the outcome your audience seeks - in about 250 words!

Choose me because: I spent nearly a decade working as a B2B tech marketer before becoming a professional copywriter. I know exactly what that one-pager needs to say!

What it is: reports are great to position you as an authority figure. You can cover key market trends, transform data from your SaaS platform into useful industry insights, or write a commentary on a recent event or new technology. It's all about educating your audience with useful/interesting insights.

Choose me because: I'm a big fan of data and am comfortable analysing datasets, researching the market, and translating these insights into practical information your audience can action.

What it is: distil the key messages from your event into gated content to support your lead generation activities. Your content will have an over-arching theme with 3(ish) supporting messages. I’ll wrap it in additional research to position you as a thought leader. And add in some practical tips the audience can take back to their desk and use today.

Choose me because: this is what I do better than anything else! I love the challenge of turning a simple recording into a valuable piece of quality content.

What it is: this could be any form of content your sales team feels important to follow up with. From one-pagers to customer success stories, brochures, flyers or materials for attending events - it's high impact, concise copy with one objective: conversion.

Choose me because: during my decade working as a B2B tech marketer I worked closely with the sales teams, breaking down the perception that marketing is just "colouring in" to the point they viewed me as a valuable member of their team.

What is it: there's no denying how important video is to your content marketing strategy - but the last thing you want is waffle or someone rambling and confusing your audience. Video scripts are a tactical way to ensure your videos capture and communicate the key points without your people sounding robotic.

Choose me because: my experience spans customer stories to explainer videos, demonstrations, company overviews and interviews.

What it is: sometimes you need a short, sharp story that distils the essence of a case study into a compelling headline and 2-3 paragraphs to highlight the business impact you delivered. Insert it into your client proposals, use it in your long-form content, have it designed as a beautiful piece of sales literature – the world is your oyster!

Choose me because: I’ve refined my process of how to convey a comprehensive case study with the bare minimum words.

What it is: awards come with super specific criteria for what the judges want to see in your submission. But often you are afforded some supplementary ‘evidence’ to support your entry. Show yourself in the best light with some tactical content to tick all their boxes. This could be a piece about a client project (either named, anonymous, or repurposed to talk about the wider use case) or thought leadership that contains lots of stats and facts about why your product/service is needed and the potential business impact.

Choose me because: repurposing content requires specific skills (which I have!) and I know what it takes to write within tight award guidelines.

What it is: this is TACTICAL because it is a useful sales tool to help push prospects over the line. And an AFAQ because we're answering questions your customers ACTUALLY ask (not the ones you wish they would!). It involves talking to sales to collate a list of AFAQs. Then planning out short, sharp, reassuring answers, which link to appropriate supporting content. It could take the form of mini blogs on your website, a single blog with expandable sections, a 'one-pager' PDF, or an insert for your sales proposals and documentation.

Choose me because: I can help you move your prospects past the blockers that are stopping them converting to clients.

What it is: your senior leaders and/or subject matter experts have all the valuable insights and/or technical expertise, but they lack the skill or time to translate that into copy the audience will find interesting/useful. Talk to me. Give me 30 mins of your time where I can ask them a couple of questions. I will then translate those ramblings into a beautiful, cohesive piece of copy, which is ghostwritten in their tone of voice.

Choose me because: you learn a lot about how to write a great article when you’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years.

What it is: a tactical post built for SEO, BUT…not a boring, regurgitation of what everyone else is saying. I’m talking about fully researched content with your spin and ‘evidence’ (like case studies, white papers, related articles) to prove your expertise in the space.

Choose me because: while the content is written for SEO to help you get found online, I know how to make it interesting/useful so it converts your audience too.

What it is: yes, your product/service is amazing – even more so if it’s recently (or soon to be!) launched. But remember: the audience only cares about themselves. Therefore, you need to frame your offering in the right context. This starts with showing the audience you empathise with their current situation and highlighting what’s causing them most pain right now – quantified in terms of business impact. Then show the 'the promised land' – what life could be like once they've addressed the pain. And then share the 'bridge' that's going to get them there - i.e. your (new) product/service, with 'evidence' of its amazing-ness. Clear compelling copy that converts your audience in no time!!

Choose me because: I know how to use storytelling technique to ensure your product/service makes an emotional connection with your audience to command action.

For a quote, please email: hello@alicehollis.co.uk

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The copy process

If you’re a detail person like me, you’ll want to know what happens at every stage of the content creation process. Expand the sections below to find out:

🧁Content type: where does it fit within the marketing campaign? What’s its purpose?

🧁Topic: question – is anyone actually going to read it?

🧁Target audience: current pain vs. ideal world.

🧁Take-away: if they only remember 1 thing…

🧁Key messages: important points – and keywords.

🧁CTA: now what?


  • “[PAIN] + statistics”
  • “[IDEAL WORLD] + statistics”
  • “[KEYWORD] + statistics”
  • “[TECH/PRODUCT] + statistics”
  • “[TECH/PRODUCT] + analysts”

🧁Take note: copy and paste anything interesting into Notepad with the source URL.

🧁Cite credible sources: analyst commentary/research, vendor research (not competitors!), media outlets, statistically valid/significant research – if research is from a stats list, verify the original source and cite that.

🧁Keep it timely: nothing older than 3-years, unless it’s relevant to the story (for example, to compare or show trends).

🧁Extract key messages and supporting evidence: search the client’s website and any supporting documentation provided.

🧁Internal links: note any to include for further reading.


🧁Copy and paste research and briefing notes into the structure.

🧁Review the structure against the ‘take-away’ – cut anything that isn’t on-pointe.

🧁Draft working titles for subheads.

🧁Review structure for:

🧁Send for client review and feedback.

🧁Take a moment to get into the right tone of voice.

🧁Sit and write start to finish.

  • Keep it rough.
  • If you can’t think of a word, write ‘XXX’ or highlight something similar in ‘[]’

🧁Take a break.

🧁Read through and rough edit – mark up bits that require more thinking time.

🧁Take a break.

🧁Do the thinking! Then edit again.

🧁Take a break.

🧁Edit to insert keywords.

🧁Review headings and subheads.

🧁Read through and then (ideally!) leave overnight.

🧁Thorough review.

🧁Take a break.

🧁Read out loud for final review.

🧁Send for client review and feedback.

As standard I offer 2x rounds of amends.

What my clients say…

Email hello@alicehollis.co.uk and let’s get started!