Are you a SaaS company?

Whether you offer a small application or a more comprehensive platform, SaaS companies all face the same fundamental marketing challenge…

How to get their website generating leads.

Some companies try to buy pipeline through pay-per-click (PPC), which is a hugely frustrating tactic. One week your keywords are performing brilliantly, then the next you’ve completely lost your position on Google, despite changing nothing. Why?!

While other companies invest in more personal approaches, like account-based marketing, which offers significant returns but is more difficult/expensive to scale and sustain.

Your website should be a reliable source of leads

When you need 3x coverage for your pipeline you can’t be reliant on the big deals closing, adhoc activities dumping bucket loads of fresh ‘marketing qualified leads’ or hoping for a blue bird. To secure your pipeline, you need to establish the mechanism that reliably delivers a steady drip feed of leads into the top of the funnel – anything else is a beautiful bonus.

How to secure a steady drip feed of leads into your sales pipeline


Plain and simple. Think of content as an extension of your salesforce – the new member that is junior to the business development executives, performing all the grunt work and present 24/7. While your people sleep, your content is still online, always visible and working hard to make your audience click and convert.

By adding carefully crafted blogs to your website, you can boost the site’s natural SEO so you’re found when people are searching online. Then through the words and structure, you pull the reader into your world and leave them feeling compelled to take action.

Through thought leadership content, like white papers, guides and reports, you can showcase your skills, knowledge and expertise in action. Now you’re not ‘just another…’, but someone who has demonstrated they can actually do what they say they can do.

And through re-spinning and repurposing your content, you can generate new pieces for other platforms, like social and email, that hook the audience in and let them know you have something of value to share with them.

Content produces reliable pipeline

Through content, you create a marketing framework that produces a steady drip feed of leads into your pipeline, which frees you to concentrate on the really fun stuff.

With the framework in place, all you need to do is decide what your focus will be, for example:

  • Are you looking to push a specific product/service?
  • Are you trying to target a new sector?
  • Are you wanting to ‘piggyback’ off a current market trend?

Then think about who else you can involve, for example:

  • What subject matter experts do you need to talk to in your business?
  • Will your clients agree to help with case studies, webinars, events or PR opportunities?
  • Could you ask an analyst for independent commentary?

And when you need to grow, simply ramp up the activity, for example:

  • Executing 2 frameworks simultaneously to push 2 products/services or target 2 sectors.
  • Adding lead dumping activities, like attending a conference.
  • Trying something new to better qualify leads, like gating content.

Get started with content marketing…

If you’ve not given much consideration to your content marketing before, why not download my little book? It’s full of ideas, tips and frameworks to get you started with planning your strategy.

Alternatively, why not get in touch and let’s talk about what your pipeline looks like, and what more we can do to secure you 3x coverage:

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