Looking for a B2B case study writer? Then you’ve come to the right place! I can probably think of a lot more reasons why you should hire me as a B2B case study writer (and being completely honest, some reasons not to!!), but in the interest of hitting the golden ‘3-minute read time’ I’ve listed out 9.

Alternatively, if you’re happy to skip to the end, email me at hello@alicehollis.co.uk to talk about your B2B case study.

1. I know how to write a B2B case study

If you’re looking for a B2B case study writer this is pretty important, so I’ll get this reason in nice and early. Back in 2006 my first written assignment was a case study about how a new SaaS product was helping a pension scheme to improve board management and governance.

I fell in love with this style of content there and then, because it’s all about the ‘real’ stories of how technology actually transforms organisations, rather than the theory of what it should or could deliver.

I’ve lost count of the number of case studies I’ve written since, but if you’d like to see B2B case study examples, you’ll find some in my portfolio (please email hello@alicehollis.co.uk for the password).

2. I even wrote the book on how to write a B2B case study

Granted, it’s a little book, but it’s full of practical tips and advice based on writing case studies for 20(ish) years. You can download a free copy here…

3. I’ve made mistakes

A lot of mistakes. Some of them to do with structure, others to do with messaging, tone of voice, proof points, framing…you name it, I’ve probably made that mistake.

But as I tell my boys, it’s only through making mistakes that we learn and improve.

Feedback is the most valuable thing I receive, which is why I have notebooks full of ‘lessons learned’ that I write up into personal checklists and public facing content, like articles and eBooks, so I can share that learning with others.  

4. I can take a good brief

Great content follows a good brief. As a process-orientated person, this is something I have refined over the years after interviewing C-suite executives, subject matter experts, and end users. Now I always extract all those lovely nuggets of gold that bring a case study to life.

If you’re a process person like me, you’re welcome to download my generic briefing templates to use yourself:

🧁Download template: written brief

🧁Download template: briefing questions

5. I’m not precious about how I work

Yes, I’m a process-orientated person, but there are certain parts of the process that if changed, don’t affect the outcome.

🧁If you want to interview the client yourself, that’s ok. Or if you prefer I do it, I’m fine with that too.

🧁If you want me to talk to the client through you, that’s ok. Or if you want to set me up with an email so I can do it myself, that’s ok too.

🧁If you want me to write within a specific template, that’s ok. Or if you want me to come up with a skeleton first, that’s great.

I just love to write B2B case studies, so however you prefer to work is fine with me!

6. I respect the status quo

As with anything in life, content follows trends. As a B2B case study writer, I make sure to keep up and understand those trends – but I don’t blindly follow them.

Your brand is precious. It’s something you’ve invested a lot of time, money and effort into refining and enforcing, so I’m not about to come in and rip up the rule book because there’s suddenly a new way we’re supposed to write case studies.

If I think there’s a way to enhance what you already do to make it better, I’ll absolutely flag it up. But if what you’re doing works for your business, we don’t need to go off-piste and start changing it.

7. But that doesn’t mean I’m afraid to do things differently

As an ex-marketer, I’ve had the importance of experimentation drilled into me because that’s how we get to new, different, or better outcomes. But you’re not the guinea pig – any recommendations I make are tried and tested.

One of the benefits of working with an independent B2B case study writer is that I work with several companies who all do things differently. This affords me the opportunity to write in different styles and structures, see the impact it has on the results, and bring the lessons learned to you.

8. I write with repurposing in mind

B2B case studies are one of the most valuable pieces of content you own because it’s a third-party endorsement of the value you actually delivered. It’s why you should seek out opportunities to use them everywhere.

As a B2B case study writer, I’m constantly thinking about how snippets could be pulled from the content and used in other assets, like articles, emails, social media posts, sales decks, webpages…etc.

This could be using the ‘problem’ to help demonstrate to your wider audience that you empathise with their current challenges. Or using the ‘solution overview’ to show how pain-free the implementation was and overcome any pre-purchase concerns.

9. I know how to repurpose your B2B case study

Equally, I know how to take your B2B case study and repurpose it into other formats – for example, as an award submission, white paper, article, or impactful customer success story.

Download template: repurposing content

Need some help?

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