I LOVE award submissions! Here’s why…

Award submissions tell your story. They provide a window into the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that people don’t usually get to see in your promotional marketing efforts. And they can showcase those ‘unsung’ heroes within the organisation – because let’s face it, there’s always more than one person involved in securing, delivering and managing that client project.

A lot of people see awards as a great way to boost their credentials; to say ‘we’re an award-winning company’ obviously sounds a lot grander than ‘we’re a company’.


There are so many awards around nowadays. So if you’re looking to enter awards purely for the kudos it gives your brand, or to use it as a differentiator, pick the ones that are most credible within your industry.

But I love awards for the recognition it gives your team internally. For a third-party to say they did an amazing job is a huge boost for team morale. And having the opportunity to celebrate that with your clients, and know how well/hard you all worked together to deliver such an impressive outcome, is just priceless.

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash