At first glance, the term ‘article’ appears pretty clear. Yet I’ve found myself having lengthily conversations about my article writing services when clients have slightly different expectations. Therefore, I want to try and capture some of the different types of article you might include within your content strategy.

Article writer services: blogs

Blogs are a fantastic way to share your expertise across a range of topics. Aiming for the golden 3-minute read time, they’re short, punchy articles. And when combined, they can cover a topic in great breadth and depth.

When I support a client with their blogging, it’s important to build momentum behind the activity. Therefore, I’ll build an ideas bank based on SEO analysis, a review of your current content, research ‘hot topics’ in the media – you can even add your own thoughts based on your internal discussions and knowledge of upcoming marketing campaigns. This means we’ve always got valuable opinions to share, with consistent messaging, all building towards a common goal.

Article writer services: ‘ultimate-style’ post for SEO

Articles are a great way to help you be found online.


To avoid creating content for content’s sake, you don’t want to regurgitate what everyone else is saying.

Ultimate-style posts are fully optimised, fully researched articles that contain your spin and ‘evidence’ (like case studies, white papers, related articles) to prove your expertise in the space.

Article writer services: thought leadership

Your senior leaders and/or subject matter experts have all the valuable insights and/or technical expertise, but they lack the skill or time to translate that into copy the audience will find interesting/useful.

This is where ghostwriting comes in handy.

Following a 30-minute interview, I can translate their ramblings into a beautiful, cohesive piece of copy, which is ghostwritten in their tone of voice.

Article writer services: tactical AFAQ (actual frequently asked questions)

Not all article types are promotional. Some can be used as tactical sales tools to help push prospects over the line.

An AFAQ seeks to answer the questions your customers ACTUALLY ask (not the ones you wish they would!) to help overcome any last-minute pre-purchase fears. Questions like:

🧁How do I know I’m making a good decision?

🧁Do I really need to buy now?

🧁What happens next?

To create an AFAQ it’s best to start with a conversation with the sales team to compile a list of questions. The article then involves creating short, sharp, reassuring answers, which link to supporting content where appropriate.

When you publish your AFAQ if could be in the form of mini blogs on your website, a single blog with expandable sections, a ‘one-pager’ PDF, or as an insert for your sales proposals and documentation.

Article writer services: market trends

Depending on the insights you have to share, and where you intend to use this within your content strategy, it could be a short, sharp piece (like a New Year prediction piece), or longer-form content with a little more longevity.

Additionally, your content could either be based on your company’s experiences, backed by third-party research, or it can incorporate your own data – either market research you’ve conducted/commissioned, or anonymised data collected by your software.

Article writer services: repurposed event

This is one of the most under-used content types despite it having the most value to share. Sooo much effort goes into organising an event, and the speakers always have a tonne of insights to share with the audience.

So capture that information and distil the key messages to create gated content that supports your lead generation activities.

Your content should have an over-arching theme with 3(ish) supporting messages. The ideas/opinions shared should be backed by credible third-party research. And there should be some practical tips for the audience to take back to their desk and use today.

Article writer services: customer success story

Sometimes you need a short, sharp story that distils the essence of a case study into a compelling headline and 2-3 paragraphs to highlight the business impact you delivered.

A customer success story is great to insert into client proposals or bids, can be used within long-form content, or be designed as a beautiful piece of sales literature – the world is your oyster!

Need some help?

If you’re thinking about how to use articles more effectively within your content marketing strategy, let’s arrange a call. Alternatively, if you know what you want already, send me a message and I’d be happy to provide a quote.