Are you looking for an AI specialist copywriter?

Artificial intelligence (AI) may have only recently hit the mainstream market following the launch of Chat GPT, but it’s a technology I’ve kept my eye on, and find myself writing about more and more. From AI in marketing, to AI in retail, and AI integrations in existing technologies, I’ve written white papers, SEO landing pages, thought leadership articles, editorial…and more.

Why choose me as your AI content specialist

As a specialist B2B tech copywriter I have 20 (ish)years’ experience and written for 180+ companies – so I know what does/doesn’t work when it comes to content conversion.

I’m also skilled at translating tech for non-tech and executive audiences – great when you need to educate your audience on the pros, cons and use cases for new revolutionary tech, like AI.

And I’m quick at getting to grips with your products/services and ‘spin’, so I can bring your content to life with useful, interesting and valuable insights – I can even ghostwrite on behalf of your senior leaders and subject matter experts to save them time!

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What makes me the best AI copywriter?

I would never be so bold and claim to be the ‘best at anything’. I consider myself a work in progress because I’m constantly learning and honing my skills to produce better outputs for you. As your AI copywriter, all I can promise is to deliver more than words®, which means I:

Find the details that matter: sometimes it’s hard to communicate clearly on a topic you’re close to. It takes an outsider (with B2B marketing savvy!) to structure your expertise into a cohesive, compelling message.

Add substance to ideas: are you bursting with ideas and opinions on your chosen topic? Great, I love that! I’ll add weight to your copy by wrapping it in deep research and commentary.

Make it personal: it’s not always easy to write about yourself. A good copywriter will mimic your brand/personal tone of voice, while infusing your copy with genuine personality.

AI content specialist services

With the exception of advertising (which requires a special kind of creativity!), I have experience across all types of content – from blogs to customer success stories, thought leadership articles, white papers, case studies, research reports…and more. Take a look at my copywriting services and guide pricing here:

My clients’ views on my AI copywriter skills…

“Alice writes engaging thought leadership content, based on our brief but also substantial research that attracts people to our brand.”

“Very happy that Alice has managed to put our waffle into some sense and articulate a strong message.”

“Alice is a very talented copywriter. One of her biggest assets is her creativity. She really cares about what she works on, its’ not just a matter of winning business, she genuinely wants to add value.”

Looking to hire an AI copywriter?

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I’d love to hear about your content plans and see if I’m the right copywriter for you.