We’ve all been there. You know you need to create an interesting, useful and compelling blog, but your mind’s drawing a blank. No matter how hard you try, you can’t think of a single thing to write about.

Never fear! I’ve got you covered.

This is my amazing blogging cheat sheet. I’ve been writing blogs for well over a decade, and during that time I’ve tested numerous positioning my blogging content in various different ways. Next time you’re feeling lost for inspiration, why not take a look through this list, and see if there’s anything that strikes a chord…

Start by considering the person’s frame of mind…

Depending on where people are in your sales cycle will determine the sorts of information they’ll be receptive to. In converting them down your pipeline, you need to take them on a journey that transitions them from awareness, to interest, then desire, and eventually action. 

And within each stage of that journey, you need to consider their mindset and therefore the messages that person will be receptive to.

There’s a beautiful model called the technology message matrix. It considers whether the audience has a technical or business brain, and whether they know your company already or have never heard of you:

technology message matrix

For each of these areas, consider:

  • What questions might they be asking themselves?
  • What barriers exist that they need to overcome?
  • What’s their personal ambition?
  • What common ground exists between you?

Then take a look at these blog topic ideas

Blog ideas for highlighting ‘market’ issues…

  • X things you didn’t know about [market trend]
  • Why [market trend] doesn’t work and what to do about it
  • X mistakes [audience] make with [market trend]
  • X reasons your adoption of [market trend] will fail
  • X top blog posts about [market trend]

Blog ideas for ‘company’ focussed content…

  • X hacks for [success criteria]
  • Our market predictions for [year]
  • Have a [X] you can be proud of
  • A skill every [audience] should have and why
  • X tips from our specialists about [X]

Blog ideas for the ‘technical’ win…

  • X questions you need to ask before even thinking about [technology]
  • X ways to implement [technology] right/wrong
  • X myths about [technology]
  • The alternative guide to [technology]
  • Why now is the perfect time to jump on [technology]

Blog ideas to promote your ‘product’…

  • Detailed FAQ section on website.
  • X reasons you need to be using [product]
  • X mistakes [audience] make when implementing [product]
  • Considering [product] for your business? 5 questions to think about.
  • X ways [product] overcomes [challenge]

You could always re-purpose your existing content…

I guarantee you already have a tonne of content within your business that’s waiting to be turned into interesting, useful and relevant blogs for your website.

Think about your existing white papers, case studiesarticles, brochures, guides, research reports…

And then all the documentation that you produce as part of business-as-usual – the proposals, project status reports, project completion documents, sales decks, presentations…

There’s huge value to be had in all of this. All it needs is a copywriter with the time to respin and repurpose it, and give it a new lease of life.

Read more about repurposing content…

You could be really tactical…

There’s nothing wrong with writing content with the primary purpose of giving your search engine optimisation (SEO) a boost. 

Every company has specific keywords and phrases they want to be found for when people are searching online. So why not write dedicated content around those search terms? These could be blog posts to help boost your organic SEO. Or a bit more overtly promotional if you’re looking to use something like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

I wrote a number of SEO blogs for a client recently, which delivered great results…

Or you could get some help…

One thing that using an external copywriter does for your business, is to provide a fresh pair of eyes. If they’re working in your sector, they’re going to know all about the current industry trends, what’s topical in the media, and be speaking to enough other companies to have some new and interesting ideas to bring to the table.

So why not pick my brain?

If I can’t help you direct, I’m pretty certain I know a copywriter that can help, and I’m more than happy to make introductions.

Send me a note, and let’s have a chat…